It’s not Just Plastic, it’s a Brand!

Why Battle Balls®?

Many customers ask us what differentiates Battle Balls® from other bubble soccer balls on the market. We stand firm in the belief that we offer the highest quality, lowest cost bubble soccer ball in the U.S.

As a company, we are committed to providing value to our customers. We are in the relationship business, and not the transaction business. We believe in building long-term customer relationships over a one-time sale.

TPU Bubble Soccer Balls
TPU Bubble Soccer Balls

Products We sell two types of bubble soccer balls. A PVC ball (polyvinyl chloride) and a TPU ball (thermoplastic polyurethane). PVC and TPU refers to the plastic used to construct the ball.

PVC is a less expensive plastic. The ball costs less, but there is a tradeoff with less durability than its TPU counterpart. It is an “occasional use” ball and a price-entry point for bubble soccer. It’s a great option if you’re a family that wants to knock around in the back yard, or a rental operator who wants to test the local market before investing further.

On the other hand, the TPU ball is slightly more expensive, but much more durable. This ball is a “heavy use” ball and recommended for companies or individuals running corporate events, leagues, rentals, or intramural programs, for example.

Listed below is a comparison grid of the products side-by-side:

*The prices listed below is for an individual ball and not reflective of the volume discounts which can be provided for larger orders.

PVC or TPU Battle Balls?
PVC or TPU Battle Balls?

Our company will always try to match the best product with a customer’s need. However, our assessment from using the products over time, and working with our national partners is that TPU is a better long-term investment.

With that said, there is one exception. We do recommend the 1.2m PVC balls for companies seeking to run children’s events/rentals. Kids are generally lighter, therefore there is less wear and tear on the balls since they do not generate the types of forces that adults can. The PVC “kids” ball will have plenty of durability over time, and it is our belief that TPU is not a necessary product upgrade given the particular user segment.

Custom Battle Balls
Custom Battle Balls

How are our products different?

We believe our products are better than others in the market for a variety of reasons:


Head Clearance – we worked with the manufacturer to increase the head clearance from the shoulder strap to the top of the ball to ensure a maximum safety margin. Our greatest concern was to protect a player’s head/neck if, or rather when, players flip upside down. Not all bubble soccer balls are made alike nor do they provide the same cushion above a player’s head.

Shoulder Straps – we worked with the manufacturer to improve the buckle design for a “no slip” buckle. Players will not come loose from their straps mid-game, or subsequently fall out of the ball.

Handles – We changed the design to protect players. Our first generation of PVC balls had hard plastic handles which increased the risk of a player injuring themselves by hitting their face on the handle if bumped unexpectedly during play.

A lot of bubble soccer ball manufacturers continue to use the hard plastic handles (please see the picture below). We now exclusively use soft handles in both the PVC and TPU products.

Battle Balls vs Competitors


Quality is our main focus, not just for our customers, but also because we actually use our own product for events and rentals nationally.

Shoulder Straps – our company reinforced the shoulder straps and shoulder strap mounts in our Battle Balls®. You will find a lot of breakage at the strap mounts on lesser quality balls.

Air Valves – we use the highest quality, and more robust, Halkey-Roberts Air Valve versus the Boston Valve. The Roberts valve is more “air tight” and less prone to failure over time, it also allows for the use of high-flow electric air pumps. (picture below)

Quality Control – We have a face-to-face connection with our factory. Many companies try to mislead their customers by insinuating their products are manufactured domestically when, in fact, 95% or more of the bubble soccer balls sold in the U.S. market are manufactured in Asia. Online, customers will find three entities.

The reseller, the broker and the manufacturer. The reseller passes the product off as a middle man. The broker represents many factories and is intent on selling the cheapest product they can find for transactional margins. Battle Balls®, as a manufacturer, is committed to improving the product design and, as opposed to the goals of the reseller and broker, is committed to the customer. You may find a less expensive product, but if anything goes wrong, or the product breaks – you will be hard-pressed to get a reseller or broker to honor the product with a replacement or refund.

Battle Balls® also has on-the-ground contacts in Asia who work with the factory and help to ensure manufacturing quality control on the balls prior to shipment. In addition, we have actually been to our factory in Asia. We’ve shaken hands and we’ve developed the product in dialogue with our factory to make it better.

Customers would be surprised to know that few companies in the U.S., including one company running national commercials, have ever stepped foot in a factory, much less know how the balls are made. In addition, few companies have the operational experience of Battle Balls®.

We are not pushing an “as seen on TV” product with little operational experience. We are operational experts; involved closely in the rental and use of our product locally and nationally. We strongly believe, the best way to improve our Battle Balls® is the old fashioned way – to earn the knowledge by staying close to the customer and to the product.


Are bubble soccer balls repairable?

Yes! In most cases, bubble soccer balls can be repaired using a spare piece of PVC or TPU and an adhesive product called HH-66 vinyl glue.

Battle Balls® commitment to you and to bubble soccer in the United States: While we would love to earn your business on the product, we are happy to be a resource to you as a potential bubble soccer user or operator.

Battle Balls® is a founding member of the U.S. Bubble Soccer Association (USBSA). We created the association with our partners to allow rental customers to find bubble soccer locally, but also to be a resource for businesses to exchange information with one another on gameplay, safety, or other operational questions. We love this sport, and other games which can be played with the product, and wanted to provide a resource to enable continued growth in the U.S. and beyond!