How to Throw a Pep Rally That Really Slams!

School events can be a drag. Teachers trying to get students interested in whatever’s going on and students trying to get their teachers to stop annoying them; they’re never fun.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a school event that students and faculty actually look FORWARD to instead of dread all year long? Well, it might sound strange, but we have exactly what you need to throw a school event that everyone will be talking about. Oh, and they’ll be saying good things, by the way. Weird, right?

So here’s what you need to do:

Rent some Battle Balls and a Referee! Battle Balls Bubble Soccer

It’s easy! All that you have to do is fill out a form explaining what you’re interested in renting and the details of your event at Once you get that taken care of, you can start crafting your Battle Balls Bubble Soccer event into a pep-rally, an intramural tournament, a half-time contest, a club activity, or anything you wish!


Who wouldn’t get excited about smashing into classmates and faculty without the worry of getting in trouble while at a school event? NO ONE, that’s who.

Find a Gym, Field, or Open Space Suitable for Large Crowds and Safe for Physical Activity Battle Balls Bubble Soccer Field   Battle Balls Bubble Soccer takes up a lot of space! Make sure your school has a big enough gymnasium, soccer field, or recreational field to fit a two full Bubble Soccer teams and a crowd. Keep in mind that Battle Balls are large plastic bubbles designed to fit over just about every person’s body, so the gear itself will take up a lot of space!

Get Students and Faculty Involved Battle Balls Group Photo

Once your school’s students and faculty learn a bit about Battle Balls Bubble Soccer and see what a match looks like, they will be pumped up for your school event, guaranteed! Nothing brings people together like slamming into one another at full force while trying to score in a tiny net. You look ridiculous and everyone loves it. It’s the most fun you can possibly have!

So, what are you waiting for? You can have another pep-less pep rally, OR you can have a totally awesome and looked-forward to Bubble Soccer tournament. What would you choose?