Randy Carlson
Founder / Advisor
An avid athlete and seeker of new, novel experiences, Randy Carlson has extensive experience with startups on the forefront of trends. He’s worked with tech companies, healthcare corporations, and even rock bands (not a typo.) He understands the value of quirky and different, and how to create a platform for smart growth in the silly (yet emerging) bubble soccer space. Born and raised in Colorado, Carlson currently resides in Chicago, where he’s plotting world domination of bubble soccer with Battle Balls.
Favorite read: The Power of One – Bryce Courtenay. The book is based on the premise that one person can have a profound effect of many. I’m really drawn to the fact that anyone can make a difference for someone else by just by connecting with them – no matter what your title or day job – even for just a moment.
Favorite sport: Beach Volleyball. I’ve been playing since I was 12.
Favorite athlete: Michael Jordan. I don’t even really like basketball, but Michael Jordan resonates with me because he plays for the love of the game.
Favorite sports personality: John Elway / Peyton Manning. Both consummate leaders (by example), and it doesn’t hurt that I grew up in Denver.
Biggest Indulgence: Sleeping in – which really doesn’t happen anymore. But a man can dream…
Next on my bucket list is: Italy – I’m drawn to the history, culture, architecture and art I’ve so far only read about. And its where I first discovered bubble football (soccer) via YouTube – I’ve got to make pilgrimage to the homeland!
Favorite travel spot: South America – the food, the culture, the dancing –the people are very vibrant in South America. Peru and Columbia are two of my favorite places on the earth.
I Can’t Live Without: Working out, moving, being active. Without getting my sweat on at least once a day, I’m nowhere near as happy or productive as I could be. Go figure – I now run a sports and fitness (and fun company).
My roles models are: Les Brown – I admire his persistence and tenacity; Eric Thomas – he brings so much energy to all he does, and he motivates me.
My Mentor Is: Timothy O’Donnell – he’s taught me the road to success in business is being willing to take risks.
I’m most proud of: My daughter, Giovanna. She was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes when she was 5, and I never cease to be amazed at her inner strength. I’ll never forget when we had our first real “adult” conversation about world affairs, and I was blow away. I saw the light ignite inside her, and shortly thereafter we traveled to Haiti together…and that’s when I realized my little girl was growing up. It was one of the coolest moments of my life as a parent so far.
You’d never guess: I worked for the rock band Evan and Jaron. They had this really well-known song, “Crazy for this Girl” back in 2000. I worked for them for a year and a half when I was 22-23, and I did everything – from assistant tour manager to PA, you name it.
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Kyle Muench
Co-Founder / Operations
Kyle is an Operations Director who loves hiking and mountain biking. Kyle has dedicated the last 10 years of his professional life to import regulations, compliance and shipping logistics. He has managed supply chain needs for customers in over 15 countries and has sold/sourced everything from Q-Tips to snowboards. The only West Coast based Battle-Baller, Kyle currently resides in Santa Barbara, CA where he received a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art from Westmont College. He’s prepped and stoked for battle!
Favorite read: Wired magazine. Any Rock/Metal autobiographies: Mustaine, Slash, Scar Tissue, Dirt. I just realized that those titles all sound terrible; but they’re great reads.
Favorite sport: Soccer. Fell in love when I was 5. Played in high school and tried to play in college.
Favorite athlete: Wayne Chrebet. My height (5’10”) and a receiver in the NFL. When he scored, he would calmly walk the ball to the ref. His job was to catch passes…not dance around and celebrate. Zero ego. Third most receptions in the history of the NFL by an undrafted player.
Favorite sports personality: Tony Hawk
Biggest Indulgence: Vintage Records
Next on my bucket list is: Europe with my family.
Favorite travel spot: Hawaii…any island, any time.
I Can’t Live Without: My cell phone and my fiber pills.
My roles models are: My father. He once got bitten by a rattlesnake. After 5 days of excruciating pain, the snake died.
My Mentor Is: Timothy O’Donnell – he’s taught me the road to success in business is being willing to take risks.
I’m most proud of: My marriage; and my two beautiful girls Biscuit and Plumpkin.
You’d never guess: That I’m a twin. My brother is bigger and stronger than me. But, I’m WAY better looking.
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Brittany L. Gatchell
Office Manager / Operations
A successful entrepreneur with an operational history in small start-up companies, Brittany loves helping build companies and execute vision from the ground up. She is originally from the Bay Area and currently resides in Chicago where she saw snow for the first time in March 2014! She is hoping to gain a long-term nickname based on her Battle Ball skills like “the hammer” or “steamroller.”
Favorite read: I’m a big Russian history buff, so I devour anything in that vein.
Favorite sport: Tennis! My grandmother is a world champion tennis player and taught us all how to play when we were in diapers.
Favorite athlete: Everyday athletes. People who try to make time to stay active whether in individual or team sports.
Favorite sports personality: Charles Barkley because he’s the best trash-talker.
Biggest Indulgence: Trying new things, especially food.
Next on my bucket list is: I want to recreate the road trip through the north of England that Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon went on in the movie “The Trip.”
Favorite travel spot: Portland! It is a great place to hang out, people watch, and eat.
I Can’t Live Without: My sweet little puppies, Chomsky and Wilczek.
My roles models are: My aunt is my biggest role model. If I could be half the woman she is, I would be very lucky.
I’m most proud of: Going to college. It took a lot of hard work and saving to make this dream come true.
You’d never guess: I was a Russian major. I enjoy biting off more than I can chew.
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Chris Fountain
Crew Chief / Operations
An entrepreneur with an athletic side. Chris brings his business acumen and great personality to the team as a leader in field operations.
Favorite read: The Art of War- Sun Tzu. The book is based on an ancient Chinese military treatise attributed to Sun Tzu a high-ranking military general, strategist and tactician. It has had an influence on Eastern and Western military thinking, business tactics and legal strategy and beyond.
Favorite sport: Basketball. When I’m out there playing I forget about everything!
Favorite athlete: Michael Jordan
Favorite sports personality: LeBron James / Peyton Manning both players have a sense of humor out of this world! They make the game worth watching.
Biggest Indulgence: I would say sleep as well it’s not enough hours in a day.
Next on my bucket list is: I would love to visit Dubai and take in all the architectonical buildings and the landscape of the country.
Favorite travel spot: I would love to visit the Maldives islands one day.
I Can’t Live Without: Playing basketball, spending time with my kids and bacon. Everybody loves bacon.
My roles models are: Sean Carter aka Jay-Z. Following him throughout his career and seeing his business ventures is inspiring and lets me know that I can follow suit by giving a 110% everyday. Also, Dana Louder. I wouldn’t call her my mentor but I do look up to her on a business level. Everything she sets her mind to, she accomplishes the goal and I have a lot of respect for that.
I’m most proud of: My son Jahlil Fountain. Not a day goes by where he doesn’t amaze me. Between his bowling, karate, and basketball he still finds extra time to read and do math outside of school. His eagerness to learn tells me he will do a lot in this world.
You’d never guess: That I was 4’10″, 82lbs going into high school.
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Chris Brodhead
Social Media Strategist
Chris received an undergraduate degree in Writing, History, Philosophy, Business and Filmmaking and also an MBA from the University of Central Florida. He previously worked as a Budget Analyst at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center for the Launch Services Program.
Chris is an avid marketer, writer, director, and actor. He uses these creative storytelling skills to inspire every team member to deliver their best work.
Favorite read: BOOKS! Chris is a voracious reader but finds he has much more time for audio books and podcasts. Steven King, Elmore Leonard, Chuck Palaniuk, are a few of his favorite fiction authors. 4 Hour Work Week is his bible.
Favorite sport: Fantasy Football! Obsessed with football. Chris is the 3 year back to back champ of the extremely competitive league with his buddies.
Favorite athlete: Gronk
Favorite sports personality: Gronk
Biggest Indulgence: Music Festivals
Next on my bucket list is: Bali with my loving girlfriend
Favorite travel spot: Costa Rica
I Can’t Live Without: Films and Filmmaking
My roles models are: My Mom and Dad. They taught me everything I know.
I’m most proud of: Being my own boss.
You’d never guess: I’m a very anxious person haha.