Soccer Invasion: Bubble soccer is blowing up!

The world of Bubble Soccer is blowing up! Literally, ball by ball. The increasing popularity is driven by media and an increased user interest across the United States.

The sport originated in Europe in 2011. It started as a joke by Henrick Elvestad and Johan Gold, hosts of a Norwegian comedy sports show called “Golden Goal.” The duo posted a video of them playing on YouTube and it quickly garnered local and international attention. As of late 2015, YouTube video now has nearly six million views –and growing!

From 2011, the sport spread across Europe, down to Australia and New Zealand and officially made its way to our shores in early 2014. It wasn’t a British invasion of music this time, but a Norwegian invasion of bubble soccer.   The earliest prominence in the U.S. was when Jimmy Fallon featured bubble soccer on his show, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon in February 2014. The clip featured, Jimmy Fallon, Colin Farrell, Chris Pratt and Frank Knuckles playing bubble soccer in a confined space.

Admittedly, Jimmy Fallon said it was the “last time we’re ever going to play this on my show.” He wasn’t a big fan, but hey…a totally awesome and safe sport like bubble soccer is not for everyone!

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Clip: Jimmy Fallon Bubble Soccer

Enter Battle Balls® Bubble Soccer

Battle Balls was one of the first companies in the U.S. to rent bubble soccer balls and run events. The company was also one of the first three to sell bubble soccer balls under the Battle Balls brand name nationally and internationally; the first to ever sell a bubble soccer ball in the U.S. on

As of November 2015, our Chicago bubble soccer branch of Battle Balls, has run over 220+ corporate events, rentals, birthday parties, bachelor parties and league nights and have helped our national affiliates run many more events in their markets. As a company, we believe in staying close to the customer and to the Battle Ball product to ensure that we bring the highest quality bubble soccer ball to the U.S. for our own operations, but also to support our national partners and valued customers.

The company believes strongly in quality and in customer service. The founder, Randy Carlson spent 10 days in March of 2015 working with the Battle Balls factory in Asia to improve upon the product design through a higher-quality Halkey-Roberts Air Valve, Soft padded handles and increased head clearance from the straps to the top of the bubble soccer ball for safety.

Battle Balls has been a leader in the sport in the U.S. both with equipment and customer support. The trend and interest of bubble soccer has only grown since 2011. Following is a graphic showing the relative increase in searches for “Bubble Soccer” from Google Trends. The graphic shows the number of searches in the U.S. for the terms “Bubble Soccer” in comparison to all searches on Google. Bubble soccer has definitely been kickin’ grass! Battle Balls Company

As an early pioneer in the U.S., Battle Balls has been committed to seeing the growth of the sport through enabling operators with tips and tricks on operational efficiency and safety. Battle Balls is a founding member of the United States Bubble Soccer Association (USBSA):

The United States Bubble Soccer Association is the largest organization of independent bubble soccer operators in the U.S. with over 130 members and growing. The intent of the Association was to help customers in individual markets find local bubble soccer operators, but also to allow a resource for operators to exchange information with others in their markets. The association is bringing standardization, rules and safety to this growing sport.

Bubble Soccer on Shark Tank

Bubble Soccer now on Shark Tank, season 7!  Bubble soccer has been waiting for its time to shine. Now on Shark Tank, bubble soccer will reach a much broader audience with over 7 million viewers. Bubble soccer, as a sport, is still on the “crest of the wave” of user awareness. However, on Shark Tank, a lot of viewers will come face to face for the first time with this wacky sport; a combination of sumo wrestling, meets bumper cars, meets soccer.

The bubbles completely encase the players in giant orb with the head and shoulders enveloped inside. Bubble soccer is like having your own bubble wrap. The only questions viewers will ask when they see it for the first time on Shark Tank is, “what is this?!” and “who will win!!?” We can’t wait to see the results when Damon Johnson, Robert Herjavec and Mark Cuban face off in bubble soccer suits.