Papa Roach, Bubble Soccer Smack Down!

Papa Roach Battle Ballers! How do rock stars throw down? With a game of bubble soccer of course!

Papa Roach stopped by in Chicago during their recent Monster Energy tour to get into a game of Battle Balls Bubble Soccer. The Battle Balls team had a chance to meet these genuine rock star bad-asses on Battle field, and will confirm…they can play!

Papa Roach plays bubble soccer in Chicago (video credit to Bryson Roatch): Papa Roach Bubble Soccer

And when it comes to a bubble soccer face-off between Papa Roach and Bring Me the Horizon? With all due respect, we’ve got our money on Papa Roach!

Papa Roach challenge Bring Me The Horizon!CHALLENGE!!! We challenge the BRING ME THE HORIZON boys!! Posted by Papa Roach on Saturday, October 17, 2015