Storing your Battle Balls®

If you want to get the most out of your Battle Balls, it is important that you know how to properly store them when they are not in use. Here are some storage tips you can use to keep your Battle Ball in great condition:

Flat on the ground


Once your Battle Ball is completely deflated you can lay it flat like a pancake on the ground. If you have multiple Battle Balls you can stack them flat on top of each other. Only store your Battle Ball(s) using this method if you have enough space!

Folded and stacked


Most people prefer to store their Battle Balls in compact places in order to save space. To store your Battle Ball in a compact place, fold the Ball in half while it’s flat on the ground. If you have multiple Battle Balls, then stack them on top of each other with the folded crease alternating every one that you stack in order for the stack to stay uniform.

Where to NOT store your Battle Balls


Battle Balls are made of plastic so it is extremely important that you store your Battle Ball(s) properly.

Keep your Battle Balls away from moisture and heat because these environments can damage the plastic. Find a climate controlled area to regularly store your Battle Balls when they are not in action and the plastic should remain unharmed.

Using these tips will keep your Battle Balls ready for the bubble soccer field all year long! View the full video here

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