How To Inflate and Deflate your Battle Ball®

Before you can get in your Battle Ball you’re going to have to properly inflate it! There is definitely a right way to inflate and deflate your Battle Balls, so let’s dive in! In these steps we will show you the proper way to get your Battle Ball inflated and ready for action, as well as the proper way to deflate your Battle Ball when it isn’t being used.

Step 1: Get ahold of a generator






To properly inflate your Battle Ball, you’re going to need to find a generator. We recommend using a generator with 3500 watts or greater. The wattage is important because each pump draws about 700 watts of power. And, if you are using this generator for an event and have speakers or other devices running through the same source, then the generator could short out if the wattage isn’t high enough.

Step 2: Using the pump to inflate and deflate your Battle Ball BattleBlog6

We definitely don’t recommend using your mouth to inflate as ball! Once the pump is plugged into the generator you can begin inflating. Each pump has an inflate port and a deflate port. To inflate you will use the inflate hose port and to deflate you will use the deflate hose port.

Attach the hose from the pump to the side valve of the Battle Ball and inflate your Battle Ball.

Step 3: Begin deflating your Battle Ball BattleBlog7Once you’re done using your Battle Ball you’ll want to deflate it for easier storage. In order to deflate the Battle Ball, locate the cap on the ball, twist it off, push in the pin of the valve, and turn it to  keep the valve open. Once you twist the center pin, air will begin blowing out of the Battle Ball.

This will take some time, so give it a couple minutes.

Step 4: Use the pump to vacuum out the remaining air BattleBlog8

Using the side input of your pump, connect it’s hose to the valve where you removed the cap in the previous step. Begin sucking the air out using the pump until the Battle Ball is completely deflated.

Once the air has left the Battle Ball you can easily fold and store it anywhere that’s convenient.

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