Battle Balls Inflatable Field

Welcome to the inflatable Battle Field!  The Roman Colosseum of the modern era.

Nearly two thousand years ago, the working class heroes of antiquity, the Gladiators, battled it out in Rome. They fought inside the great colosseum to the delight of raucous crowds. They were wrapped in leather and wore sandals, they wielded swords and other instruments of conflict.

The era of the Gladiator is not over. The leather and sandals have been replaced by Battle Balls, the great colosseum has been replaced by Battle Balls inflatable field.

In the following post, I’m going to highlight how operators can use an inflatable field for their own bubble soccer rentals; tips will include practical suggestions on field size, safety and operations with using a Battle Balls inflatable field in your own business.

Customize your Inflatable Field

A Battle Balls® inflatable field can be customized based on size, colors and logos upon request. Our standard inflatable field is 60 feet wide by 80 feet long. This allows for a full 4,800 square feet of playable field space. Battle Balls field has built in goals and inflatable bumpers at a standard of 36 inches high.

Five thousand square feet is the “goldilocks size” for field space for five versus five bubble soccer. From experience, we recommend two bubbles per 1,000 square feet of space. If you add any more bubbles per 1,000 square feet the field gets too crowded, any less and players get too tired running around. Battle Balls Inflatable Field

Additional consideration as an operator on field size should take into account the playing space which will be used by the operator. Outdoor spaces will likely not be a problem, however most indoor spaces used with the inflatable field will likely be the size of a basketball court. Most standard basketball courts are 4,700 square feet. Consideration should be taken when designing a field size as to the space requirements needed and optimal playing size for the number of Battle Balls and players.

An Inflatable Field Helps to Ensure Safety

A Battle Balls inflatable field helps to ensure safety for both the players and the spectators. During most bubble soccer events, operators demarcate a field of play using cones. In such a way, a temporary field may be set up either indoors or outdoors.

Bubble soccer is inherently a safe sport, given correct use of the equipment and structured rules for play, however playing indoors can pose risks from walls or other obstructions such as bleachers.

During indoor bubble soccer, players may be knocked upside-down and roll. This puts a player’s exposed legs and feet in danger of contact with walls or other obstructions. Additionally, if a player is pushed from behind, they may run into a wall. The player’s body is protected from contact with the wall, however their body may contort from forceful contact inside the bubble and this could put the back and torso at risk for injury.

During outdoor play, an operator is concerned with spectators. Oftentimes, bubble soccer players cannot control their movements after contact with another player. Spectators on the side, who are not in bubbles, are at risk of injury if they suddenly “become a part of the action.”

An inflatable field helps to mitigate risk of injury for players indoors and spectators outdoors. It is also an added ‘eye-candy’ attraction to draw in crowds to your local battle arena.

Inflatable Field Operations: It’s not Just Battle Balls

There are some operational considerations for owning and using an inflatable field for bubble soccer. The first consideration should be weight. A 60 foot by 80 foot field with 3 foot high bumpers weighs over 360lbs! While the field can be customized to be lighter (either a smaller field or smaller bumpers), an operator would likely need at least two event coordinators to manage operations when using an inflatable field.

For transportation of the field, we recommend a large tire nursery wagon rated from 800 – 1,000lbs (please see the photo). The large wheels will allow you to navigate any terrain, both indoors and outdoors as needed. Battle Balls Nursery Wagon   In addition to the nursery wagon, operators will need to load the field onto and off of a vehicle. For our corporate operations and national Battle Ball partners, we recommend a large vehicle. We use the Nissan NV 1500 for transportation of equipment to and from rental venues. With the vehicle, an operator can either build in a custom ramp fixed to the vehicle, or opt for convenient portable ramps, rated to take the weight of the field and field cart.

After use, the best way to wrap up a field is to roll it up into a tarp and then tighten down the roll with a set of adjustable ratchet tie-down straps. Two operators can then coordinate a lift onto the cart and then roll the cart up a vehicle’s ramps for transportation.

One other operational consideration includes wind. When operating an inflatable field outdoors, wind will not be an issue under 10 miles per hour. However, if the field is subject to gusts of wind, or sustained wind over 10 miles per hour, all four corners (and possibly the mid-field points) will need to be secured to the ground using straps and plastic twelve inch or greater stakes driven into the ground. This will keep the field from being picked up with the wind and flying away!

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