Battle Balls are large plastic balls worn over the upper body and face, leaving your legs free to run around the bubble soccer field, with a donut-shaped hole to allow for easy breathing.

The suits are typically used in pairs or more, and allow you to bump, check, or steam roll your opponent(s) as you go for the goal. Please consult with your doctor to be sure it’s ok to have THIS MUCH fun!

Fun Facts

Sometimes you find things when you least expect it – that’s exactly what happened with Battle Balls. The sport of bubble soccer (as it’s known around the globe), found Chief Battle Baller Randy Carlson, while he was sitting in an airport with his daughter, waiting for a flight to Haiti. He stumbled upon a video of some guys in Algund, Italy playing bubble football (a.k.a. bubble soccer). Tears of laughter streamed down his face as he watched grown men bump each other on a soccer field encased in huge, round plastic balls, and as both an athlete and an entrepreneur, his curiosity peaked. He flagged the video (and filed away the ‘a-ha’ moment) for the duration of their trip. Upon their return home, Randy took leave from his corporate job in healthcare strategy to take care of his ailing father and concurrently launch Battle Balls. He assembled a team and began his plan to bring bubble soccer (football) stateside. Lots of man (and woman) hours and R&D later, Battle Balls launched in April of 2014 in Chicago and is rolling out nationwide. Because why shouldn’t team sports be served with a side of belly laughs?

    • Best employee perk(s): Battle Balls 24-7. We not only sell the product, we use the product. We’re fun, and we’re changing the way people look at good sportsmanship, one Battle Ball game at a time. It’s not unusual to find us solving interoffice dynamics on a park field.
    • Most unusual request: We’ve heard from couples counselors looking to bring in Battle Balls as a stress-busting tool during counseling sessions…and also from couples looking to do their own “backyard Battle Ball” challenges.
    • How Battle Balls was “discovered”: When we decided to build the Battle Balls brand, we relied heavily on word of mouth. People saw us playing in parks in Chicago. They found us online, and through social media channels (ours and theirs). The news media heard about us, and began to share our story. Everyone that’s tried it once is immediately engaged, and has come back for more – because its fun. People love this. There’s lots of laughter on the field. Every day, we hear from people and organizations seeking the sport’s unique combination of playful competition and laughs. And we’ve found that the entertainment industry loves Battle Balls and bubble soccer.
    • Who are Battle Balls’ fans?: Just about anyone. We’ve been contacted by corporate executives, event planners, college kids, athletes, active professionals, non-profit organizations, couples counselors, and the entertainment industry. Battle Balls are perfect for weekend warriors, burned-out employees, teambuilding, birthday and bachelor parties, reunions and company picnics.

    • Rec leagues: Playful competition for the weekend warrior, active professionals, and anyone looking for some fun on the (bubble soccer) field.
    • Corporate teambuilding: Level the playing field. Recharge, release and build bonds out of the office with Battle Balls.
    • Tournaments/battles: Battle Balls bubble soccer matches are a fun and friendly way to show who’s boss! Perfect for fraternities, sororities, social clubs and more!
    • Special events: Put an end to boring birthdays (kids and adult milestones), bachelor parties, reunions and company picnics with Battle Balls.
    • Couples therapy: Battle Balls can help tackle complex relationship issues off the couch and on the field, with levity and humor.
    • Non-profit fundraisers: Raise dough on the bubble soccer field, as your donors and patrons battle it out in the name of philanthropy.
    • Entertainment: Watch your favorite celebrities on the bubble soccer field in Battle Balls.

  • The Battle Balls team most closely resembles the cast of: Friends. Because everyone on the team has a quirky personality and great stories about their pasts that would make for a really cool sitcom (NOT reality show…


Our company values responsible environmental stewardship, we encourage Battle Ballers to dispose of decommissioned Battle Balls through a local post-consumer plastics recycling facility.

Please help us keep Battle Balls out of our landfills. Play on!


Please look for a local recycling facility online by clicking on the logo above.