Three Events That Could Have Been Saved by Battle Balls®

In life, you will be forced to attend boring events. You will sit through seminars half-asleep. You will stare at your phone aimlessly at a work retreat just to pass the time. You will act like you’re “into it” at the company softball game. You will shake hands and pretend to miss people whose names you can’t remember at your high school reunion. Boring, mandatory events are unavoidable sometimes. However, events can be saved! You don’t need to suffer, all you need to do is make the right move. Here are 3 events that could have, and should have, been saved by Battle Balls.

This Incredibly Yawn-Worthy Work Retreat Boring MeetingWork outings shouldn’t mean extra WORK! They should be fun and engaging! No one wants to sit around in business casual attire staring at a Powerpoint slide for 5 hours. Instead of boring her office to death, this supervisor should have taken her team out to the Battle Balls field for a little Bubble Soccer. There is no better team-building method than slamming into your coworkers and watching everyone try to overcome the struggle of running around in a bubble suit.

This Completely Uneventful Field Trip to the Grocery Store Boring Store TripSure, healthy eating is very important. We won’t argue that. However, we WILL argue that a class trip to the grocery store is about as riveting and educational as watching grass grow; yeah, you’ll get somewhere eventually, but was it worth it?

You know what will teach kids about health and wellness? Being active, on a soccer field, wearing a Battle Ball. What do you think little Johnny will say after his Battle Balls Bubble Soccer field trip? “Oh, I wish we had gone to the grocery store.” NO, JOHNNY ISN’T A BORING PERSON. Kids know what they want, you can probably imagine they would choose to be outside, doing something active and fun.

This Mind-Numbingly Dull Birthday Party Boring BirthdaySeriously? Is it actually your birthday? Because this picture makes it look like you’re ready to “party like it’s Monday forever.” Lighten up! Birthdays should be fun and filled with positive memories. Once again, Battle Balls could have saved the day if only these people would listen!

Spend your birthday celebrating your youth, not getting older. “Light up” your best friend on the Bubble Soccer field. A little friendly competition paired with hilarious attempts at being poised will surely make for a better birthday party than dim lighting and sad faces 🙁

If you need Battle Balls to save an event that you’re dreading, visit our website at to see how you can rent Battle Balls gear to throw a guaranteed awesome event!