5 gifts that ANYONE can appreciate this holiday season

Holidy Gift Guide

It’s time for the holidays, baby! We put together a list of the most talked about, freshest, coolest, most wanted holiday gifts on the market that are affordable to make your shopping a little bit easier. At least we hope this will give you some gift ideas. Whether you’re celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, Festivus, or life in general, you’re going to want to take notes, every gift on this list is a winner.

Battle Balls® Battle Balls Bubble Soccer

Large inflatable bubble suits that let you ram into and steam roll over people without causing pain? Uhm, YES PLZ. Battle Balls are used primarily for the sport Bubble Soccer, which you could probably guess is soccer played while wearing Battle Balls. Battle Balls have been getting some serious national recognition, so pick a few up now before the mean neighbor kids buy them all up and won’t let you play with them. These bubble suits are the perfect gift for siblings or full teams; they’re a real crowd pleaser for just about any age group. You seriously will never regret that decision. You can buy Battle Balls online here: https://battle-balls.com/product/bubble-balls/battle-ball/

Solar Powered Portable Phone Chargers Solar Powered Phone Charger

Keeping your phone charged can be a hassle when you’re always on the go and need to worry about bringing your corded phone charger along with you. Luckily, solar powered portable chargers have been created to solve this problem! Why are these the perfect gift? They will be used, they’re a fun concept, and make for great stocking stuffers! The best part is that this little nifty gadget is relatively inexpensive. Though prices vary by brands, you can find reliable solar chargers for a low cost with little internet research.

GoPro GoPro Camera

Love capturing moments but hate having to be the cameraman? Fear not, the GoPro is exactly what you need. These little attachable cameras clip on to just about anything and capture real-time first person video! Strap one of these bad boys to your forehead in a Battle Ball Bubble Soccer match and don’t even worry about operating the camera, just let it happen! The result? A high quality POV video of your Bubble Soccer game in real time, as seen by the player. These awesome gadgets can be used while skiing, hiking, driving, on family vacations, out with friends, you name it.

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Waterproof Speaker

Waterproof bluetooth shower speakers are all over the market this holiday season, and for a good reason! They’re cheap, simple, and easily liked. You hook them up inside your shower, connect to your phone or tablet via bluetooth, and boom, you have a musical shower! The reason this gift made the list is because just about anyone can appreciate the gift of music, especially when it’s inexpensive and waterproof 🙂

Attachable Camera Lens Set for Smartphones Attachable CameraA lot of people want a fancy camera but not a lot of people can afford the ridiculously high prices that come with them. This past year we’ve seen many different brands putting out affordable, high quality clip-on smartphone camera lenses. These handy gadgets are cheap, easy to use, and surprisingly high quality. So do you want to give someone a fancy camera for Christmas but can’t afford one? Grab one of these clip-on lens kits! They’re a fun and unique gift with a great return!